We see the word “holistic” often, but what does it mean? Simply put, holistic approaches consider all the parts of a body as interacting together, not as separate entities. Emotional and mental state influence the body, and the health of the body influences mood and functions of the brain. Holistic health or ‘whole pet health’ considers your pet’s wellness in both body and mind. A holistic approach emphasizes preventive medicine by helping to decrease the risk of illness before the illness appears.
By feeding your pet a high-quality diet, providing regular opportunities for exercise, looking after skin allergies, promoting a healthy gut and good oral hygiene, you are helping to support optimal whole body functioning within your pet.
At Vondi’s we love the idea of holistic caring, which is why we have developed the Value Packs, for total pet health – body and mind.

A healthy gut supports overall pet health

Vondi’s Food Range is a registered, balanced and complete nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives. Sometimes, a high-quality diet may not be enough to balance your pet’s gut microbiome. Providing certain dietary supplements might be helpful too.
Diatomaceous Earth has a neutral pH and alkalizes the system, it also cleanses blood, detoxes the system, and boosts the metabolism.
Spirulina has it all. Rich in essential oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins it produces healthy skin and a lustrous coat, while boosting your dog’s immune system and improving digestibility
• Our Om3 Omega Fish Oil is a natural high concentrate and a source of highly nutritive omega 3 for your pet’s skin and joints. It is highly anti-inflammatory and helps maintain healthy cell membranes.
• Vondis THC free CBD oil is absolutely amazing in the treatment of pet anxiety, seizures, arthritis and energy depletion.

Oral health

Poor dental health can make it hard for dogs to eat and cause serious health problems that are, for the most part, preventable. Chewing on pellets will impact very negatively on dental health (and can be likened to flossing with rusks!).
Brushing your dog’s teeth should be an exception, especially if your dog is eating a natural (neutral pH) diet, which includes raw bones or ‘hardened’ treats. In this way one can avoid dental issues.
Providing your pet with safe natural chews gives them an opportunity to clean their teeth while also enjoying a tasty treat.

Fresh air and exercise keep dogs happy

Your dog’s overall health is also affected by their emotional and mental states. Exercise is a great way to keep your dog feeling happy and healthy. It also helps to keep your dog at a healthy weight, which can help prevent diabetes, reduce stress on joints, and fight certain cancers. Your dog will enjoy moving around, chasing toys, and going for hikes on trails. An added benefit of exercising your dog is that you also get to exercise.

So for balanced and complete care, look no further than Vondi’s Value Packs – excellent products to provide only the best combinations for the health and happiness of your beloved furbaby!