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There are commercial products available to deworm and rid parasites, but they are all chemically based or poisons and can be a hazard to the health of your companion animal. Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized shells of unicellular microscopic water-dwelling plants known as Diatoms. These fossil shells have tiny points (similar to lemon grass), which puncture the insect’s or parasites exoskeleton and thus kills them.  Thus Diatomaceous Earth operates mechanically and NOT chemically. Because of this, parasites and pests cannot become immune or resistant to Diatomaceous Earth

Our pets are struggling with an array of sicknesses from skin ailments to cancer, from heart decease to bladder disorders. Many animal rights campaigners and veterinarians blame this on flea poisons and chemicals. There are dozens of social media groups condemning the use of these poisons blaming them for the poor health or death of their companion animal. I refer you to one particular group that is very informative, DOES BRAVECTO KILL DOGS. Either way, the list of adverse reactions from these poisons are documented and listed with the FDA and the EPA and the common side-affect is skin ailments. It is not all doom and gloom, as there exists many natural and safe remedies that are effective – Khakibos, garlic, apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, aloe bitters.

What a subject and very important. There are so many misconceptions and untruths been circulated and debates whether our dogs are derivatives of wolves and/or whether they are carnivores or omnivores. The link below should shed clarity on the matter. For thousands of years we have fed our pets home prepared food and left overs. When you chat to your parents or grandparents they recall how their pets flourished on left-overs from the table without suffering from the common ailments we find nowadays like cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, bladder disorders, etc – https://vondisblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/is-your-companion-a-carnivore-or-an-omnivore/

Dogs, wild dogs, cats, wild cats do eat veggies. The top dog or cat gets to feed on the intestines of their catch which is rich in grains, veggies, fruits, grass. Veggies sustains life, veggies are high in anti-oxidants, veggies are high in moisture, veggies contain a wealth of minerals and vitamins. Veggies are alkaline. Vegetarians and vegans do not only survive of an exclusive veggie diet, but they thrive. One can no longer rely on meat as your primary optimal source of nutrition. Meat is tarnished with too many chemicals and preservatives  –

Vegan Diets for your dog:

I love this subject. The commercial industry will do anything to sway your clear thinking. In fact, garlic is only toxic at enormous, ridiculous quantities. Quantities that no sane pet owner would every dare feed. Garlic is an unbelievable herb both in supporting nutritional values and deterring fleas and pests. It only becomes potentially toxic if you feed your pet half a tub every day – who in their right mind would do this. – https://vondisblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/lets-put-the-garlic-issue-to-rest/

The body is miraculous and can deal with most common ailments that are plaguing our companion animals. Please refer to the attached links, but essentially, by building on your pets immunity, one can treat almost every ailment.

Cancer and Diabetes:

Obesity and Arthritis:

Bladder disorders, kidney stones, renal failure:

We guestimate that 90% of pets are struggling with skin ailment and scratching. The resolve is actually quite easy. Itchy skin is nothing more than inflamed hot skin. Inflamed skin is due to acidic diets, flea poisons and/or harsh chemical based shampoos. Therefore, say NO to all kibble, NO to all flea poisons, NO to all chemical shampoos/soaps. Important supportive supplements are Omega 3 Fish oil, Rooibos Oil, CBD oil, apple cider vinegar and probiotics.

This question always blows me away. For thousands of years we have fed our pets home prepared food and left overs. When you chat to your parents or grandparents they recall how their pets flourished on left-overs from the table without suffering from the common ailments we find nowadays like cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, bladder disorders. Now the latest scientific studies coming out WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. From Independent university research now demonstrates that feeding dogs fresh, healthy, whole food diets instead of highly processed kibble and cans results in improvements in measures of health.

In most circumstance we can deliver our frozen range unless you live in an outlying area.

It certainly pays to buy directly from Vondis. We also deliver directly to your home.

Everyone loves a great story. Many years ago, a group of us used to walk in the Camps Bay Glen. We noted the remarkable condition of Eleanor’s Belgium Shepard. Eleanor, a very informed nutritionist had been preparing a whole balanced diet for dog called VONDI. Well the rest is history and we all converted to her diet with the same amazing success. When we went commercial with the brand, it was only fitting that we names the nutrition, Vondis Holistic pet Nutrition.

It’s all in the herbs. We know that certain herbs like Rosemary and Thyme and Garlic are great herbs but they are also “”hot herbs””. Hot herbs are not ideal because they affect skin and digestion. We, thus replace these herbs with “”cooling herbs”” like mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm. The whole Vondis range is great for general health and wellness but if we wish to perfect the art of dealing with skin and digestive ailments, we would suggest using our Special Range.

The recommended feed is described on our packaging and website, under feeding guidelines. But as a rule of thumb we work on 4% of the dogs required body weight per day and for dogs 6months – 12months, 5% of the dogs required body weight per day. Please note that in winter, our pets generally require more food and less so in winter. Also, it very much depends on the metabolism and activity of your dog. What we are looking for is lean dog, where one can almost see the ribs, but not too thin that the ribs are sticking out.

Whilst frozen the shelf life is 8 – 12 months. Once defrosted and kept in the fridge, the shelf life is 2 days.

The responsible way to change over to Vondis Nutrition is to slowly add more and more Vondis fresh food to your current diet. This could take a week or two, each time adding more Vondis until you have totally eliminated your previous food from the diet. Please note that only once you are on an exclusive Vondis diet, will you note our true success and performance.

This is a very important question. All our veggies and Omegas are blended totally raw, but our meat is steamed until 72 degrees. Whilst every commercial company claims that their food is optimal, Vondis priority is safety first. Raw meat carries potential dangerous pathogens, salmonella and parasites and therefore by turning meat from red to pink ( in other words reaching 72 degrees) you kill all potentially harmful bacteria and still maintain nutritional values. Our payoff line: “”the goodness of raw – the safety of cooked”” applies.

Just like when feeding humans, healthy nutrition fulfils the nutritional needs of children and the elderly. Puppies and adults should be offered supportive supplements as we do  with children and the elderly, but healthy nutrition serves us all.

Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition is registered and certified as a complete and balanced diet.

Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition is a complete and balanced diet and fulfils all the nutritional requirements of your pet. In fact, we prefer that our clients do not mix Vondis food with commercial pet foods. True success and performance of our nutrition can only be judged when feeding Vondis exclusively.