Improve digestion, build immunity & eliminate parasites

Natural Pet Remedies

Solving Your Pets Skin Allergies – We Have The Solution. The skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body, which is why skin and coat problems are often the first indicators of poor health and care. Yet, almost every pet suffers from some sort of skin condition. Even veterinarians are lost when it comes to treating skin allergies and ‘hot spots’ and many acknowledge the severity of this ailment. Treating with cortisone or changing to another flavour of food will not solve the problem long term. Skin allergies and conditions can be cured. All that is required is a holistic and natural treatment. In dealing with skin conditions it is important to avoid the use of chemical based shampoos and flea repellents. Vondi’s has developed a range of natural pet remedies that are totally organic and free of chemicals. The ingredients are known for their healing properties (Khakibos, Buchu, Rooibos, Spirulina, CBD) and have a history of being effective, & reducing if not eliminating inflammation & therefore boosting immunity. Boosting immunity will also help you deal with parasites effectively. Our natural flea spray & dewormer have well known properties in dealing with these issues. This completely holistic approach will serve you well.