How do you transition dog food?

To transition, mix your dog’s current food with their new food. Over 7 days, gradually decrease the amount of the current dog food while increasing the amount of new dog food.

Feeding Guidelines

How much to feed

The following feeding guides apply to feeding Raw Food as a complete food, without adding other unhealthy foods to it.  Portions are based on average portion sizes; however, your pet’s requirements might vary, depending on metabolism, body type, breed, amount of exercise and age.

Feeding guidelines for puppies

Just like we make no distinction when feeding granny, grandpa or the children, so too do we make little distinction when feeding our puppies or older dogs. What is important, as for all living beings, is that the meal is nutritious and wholesome. All Vondis ingredients are top quality – real meat, greens and carbohydrates and cold pressed olive oil. Our herbs come from an organic garden, picked fresh every morning.

When feeding a puppy on Vondi’s Dog Food, one should be measure the head size of the puppy. The quantity of food per meal must be the same as the head size of your puppy. Or you can simply measure out 3-4% of its body weight.


  • 7am Oats. Pour hot water over, stand until soggy. Sprinkle Vondi’s vitamin supplement on top. Small qty raw egg mixed in every day.
  • 10am Puppy Crunchies
  • 11am Vondi’s Dog Food
  • 4pm Puppy Crunchies
  • 7pm Vondi’s Dog food – Sprinkle Vondi’s supplement on top.This is a guideline. You don’t have to be too strict about times and in what order you feed what. At around six months eliminate one meal, increasing the other two. By nine months you should be feeding the adult amount of Vondi’s Dog Food twice a day. At fifteen months you can then feed once or twice a day. Quantities of Vondi’s Dog Food should be measured according to the head size for puppies. The quantity of food must be the same as the head size of your puppy.