We see the word “holistic” often, but what does it mean? Simply put, holistic approaches consider all the parts of a body as interacting together, not as separate entities. Emotional and mental state influence the body, and the health of the body influences mood and functions of the brain.  Holistic health or ‘whole pet health’ considers your pet’s wellness in both body and mind. A holistic approach emphasizes preventive medicine by helping to decrease the risk of illness before the illness appears.

By feeding your pet a high quality diet, providing regular opportunities for exercise, looking after skin allergies, promoting a healthy gut and good oral hygiene, you are helping to support optimal whole body functioning within your pet.

At Vondi’s we love the idea of holistic caring, which is why we have developed the Value Packs, for total pet health – body and mind.

Kindly note: Value Packs are excluded from the Affiliate Programme.

We put the passion into value!