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VONDIS THC Free CBD Oil 50ml/ 50mg


The home of pure, powerful, lab-tested CBD products that can have life-changing effects.

CBD is not psychoactive, it is an excellent solution for those looking for relief from pain, inflammation, and many other ailments, without the intoxicating influence of marijuana and various pharmaceutical drugs, which often have significant side effects.

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Vondis Pet CBD

Many pets in South Africa and worldwide suffer from disorders treatable with CBD. Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition produces natural, holistic pet food and supporting products. Its new THC Free CBD range will benefit such pets & is vegan friendly. 

One should administer a low-strength CBD oil in greater volume instead of a very high-strength oil and only a few drops. 

Dogs possess a more complex endocannabinoid system than humans, with more receptors.

Our CBD gets mixed with various carriers and essential oils, from olive oil to grape seed oil to coconut oil – MCT (medium-chain triglyceride). Therefore, a low-strength CBD oil administered with a larger volume is beneficial as it also includes the nutritional values from those carriers.

Additional benefits of CBD

There are several well-researched benefits to CBD. What’s more, many of these benefits are holistic, addressing both the symptoms of a health problem and the root cause. 

For example, CBD helps ease dermatitis and addresses the inflammation response that causes it. While CBD treats the problem, it also offers pain relief, offering an all-in-one, natural treatment with no nasty side effects.

CBD oil is great for treating anxiety without using any harmful sedatives. It can also help treat serious and potentially life-threatening seizures and convulsions. 

If that weren’t enough, CBD supports a healthy immune system which helps prevent many health problems before they become a problem. In addition, CBD promotes better cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of many heart conditions dogs commonly suffer. 

Furthermore, CBD helps support a healthy gastrointestinal system, which has an enormous impact on how well your pup can absorb nutrients from their food.

Our CBD oil

  • We extract Vondis CBD oils using strict GMP standards
  • We only use organic hemp and Co2 extraction
  • Every batch of oil is NAFSA certified
  • We only use practitioner-grade MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

Vondis offers nothing but the best for your fur kids. Learn more about our new CBD range here. Also, view The Press Release here.

For any further questions, please email us at:

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