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Schedule Monthly & Save VONDIS Natural Chicken Dog Food 500g

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Box of 40 packs

Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives. We have a special range of food for pets with skin conditions.

Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition does not only comply with veterinary science but also human nutritional science. The results of a landmark study conducted by animal science researchers in California show that feeding a group of dogs a freshly prepared, whole food, lightly cooked, nutritionally balanced diet made from real food is scientifically shown to increase white blood cells and blood proteins that could benefit immune health.

The results support what human nutritionists have been advising for decades – stay clear of heavily processed foods, and eat wholesome, balanced meals that are prepared fresh from the highest quality ingredients available, are lightly cooked, and have no preservatives. Supplementing your diet with natural remedies and supplements can be extremely beneficial. There are some amazing supplements that are anti-inflammatory, & immune boosting.

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Schedule Monthly & Save Natural Chicken Dog Food


Experience the convenience of buying Dog Food Online with our easy-to-use scheduling and saving system. Set up a one-time purchase, and never worry about running out of food for your furry friend again.


Join countless satisfied pet owners who have discovered the advantages of buying dog food online and providing your canine companion with the best care possible.


Natural Chicken Dog Food


We proudly introduce our Natural Chicken Dog Food, a premium and nutritious choice for your beloved canine companion. 


Our dog food is carefully crafted in South Africa and features the finest local ingredients. Hence, we offer your pet a healthy and balanced diet that is locally produced.


Special Recipe


Our mouth-watering recipe combines succulent chicken with wholesome grains, garden-fresh vegetables, and essential vitamins and minerals. 


This high-quality, protein-rich formula dog food in South Africa supports your dog’s overall well-being. Furthermore, it is suitable for canines of all ages, breeds, and sizes.


Locally Sourced


Vondis takes pride in offering a locally-sourced and sustainable option for nourishing your pet. Our Natural Chicken Dog Food gets crafted using only South African ingredients, allowing us to ensure quality and traceability. 


By supporting local farmers and suppliers, we contribute to our community’s growth and minimise our carbon footprint, providing an eco-friendly choice for conscientious pet owners.


Give your dog the energy and vitality they need to thrive with our Natural Chicken Dog Food. 


Carefully formulated with essential nutrients, this recipe helps maintain a healthy immune system. In addition, it promotes strong bones and joints, a glossy coat and healthy skin.


Our Vondi’s blend includes a variety of local ingredients such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens. 


Source of Fibre


These components provide a rich dietary fibre source, aiding digestion and promoting gastrointestinal health. 


Our recipe also incorporates a carefully selected mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep your dog healthy.


Committed to your dog’s well-being, we use only natural preservatives and exclude artificial colours, flavours, or additives in our Natural Chicken Dog Food. 


That ensures your pet receives the purest and most wholesome nutrition possible.


Environmentally Friendly


We are proud to offer an environmentally responsible choice in pet nutrition. By using locally sourced ingredients and minimising transportation emissions, Vondi’s products contribute to the sustainability of our planet. 


In addition, choosing our Natural Chicken Dog Food supports the livelihoods of local farmers and suppliers.


Treat your canine companion to our Natural Chicken Dog Food, the perfect choice for discerning pet owners who want the best for their beloved dogs. 


With its delicious flavour, nutritional benefits, and commitment to local sustainability, our dog food provides the quality, nourishment, and taste your dog deserves.


Feeding guide:


  • Small dogs like the Dachshund, Yorky, Poodle, etc., should have half a packet daily.
  • Small-medium dogs like the Spaniel, Jack Russel, Fox Terrier, Scotty, etc., should have ¾ packet per day.
  • Medium-sized dogs like the Staffie, Bull Dog, etc., should have 1 to 1.5 packets per day.
  • Medium-large-sized dogs like the Labrador, Dalmatian, Boxer, Collie, etc., should have 1.5 to 2 packets per day.
  • Finally, large dogs like the Alsatian, Golden Retriever, Bull Mastiff, etc., should have 2 to 2.5 packets per day.


Additional information:


  • Where possible, all ingredients are fresh, free-range, and organic.
  • Our grains are of top quality and come from credible sources.
  • Our omegas come from pressed olive oil, natural animal fat, and meat.
  • Strictly, no preservatives get used, which have been proven to be harmful and may be the cause of many diseases.
  • No extrusion is used in production; all nutrients are retained and absorbed.
  • Low cooking temperatures ensure that protein and enzymes are not denatured.
  • As Vondi’s is a low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat wet food diet, and preservative-free, we can make the following claims:
  • Our products are very effective in relieving skin conditions due to the neutral Ph of our diets. That helps eliminate inflammation.
  • There should be no excessive weight gain.
  • Pets will feel fuller and more satisfied as the product is filling.
  • Pets are less likely to experience hip dysplasia, especially when fed as puppies.
  • Dental disease is less likely as the food is lapped down and has no time to decay and ferment.
  • The high moisture content reduces any likelihood of renal failure or urinary tract disease.
  • The GI levels are low, so diabetes is unlikely.
  • Schedule and save – Vondis Natural dog food online in South Africa.

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