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Schedule Monthly & Save 10% VONDIS Dog Food Variety Value Pack (80 packs)

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Vondi’s is a registered and legal pet nutrition in terms of Act 36 of 1947. Vondi’s was developed and endorsed by Prof. Lourens De Wet, BSc Agric, Hons BSc Agric, MSc Agric. Vondi’s is totally natural & preservative free, & uses REAL food – REAL meat, REAL Veggies, olive oil. Our cooking process is scientific – grains are cooked slowly and for a long period and NEVER together with the meat. Veggies and herbs are blended raw & fresh. Freshly pick herbs are essential in Vondi’s food, as well as olive oil and fresh veggies.

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SAVE! VONDIS Dog Food Variety Value Pack

Vondi’s food is registered and legal pet nutrition in Act 36 of 1947. Prof. Lourens De Wet developed and endorsed our method (BSc Agric, Hons BSc Agric, MSc Agric).

Vondi’s is natural and also preservative-free. Also, our cooking process is scientific. Grains get cooked slowly and for a long period. And they are never cooked together with the meat, while our veggies and herbs get freshly blended.

Vondis Natural Dog Food Variety Value Pack Description

A landmark 5-year study on the life expectancy of domestic dogs showed that dogs fed industrial food lived an average of 10.4 years. However, dogs fed homemade food lived an average of 13.1 years.

The difference is just over 32 months. And, importantly, it is 32 months of both longer life and also better quality of life.

That same study showed that feeding dogs freshly prepared, whole food increased white blood cells and could also benefit immune health.

The results support what human nutritionists have advised for decades: stay clear of heavily processed foods. Instead, always eat wholesome, balanced meals prepared fresh from the highest quality ingredients.

How to Feed Vondi’s Food

You need simply defrost Vondi’s overnight or in warm water. However, it is important to note that you may come across a stubborn dog or cat used to his previous commercial food. In that case, ease them into the diet.

Quantities (PER DAY)

  • Any Small dog, like a Dachshund, Yorky, Poodle, etc. should have a half-packet
  • A Small-medium dog such as a Spaniel, Jack Russel, Fox Terrier, Scotty, etc. should have ¾ packet.
  • Medium dogs such as the Staffie, Bull Dog, etc., should have 1- 1.5 packets.
  • Your Large-Medium breed, like the Labrador, Dalmatian, Boxer, Collie, etc., should have 1.5 – 2 packets.
  • Large dogs like the Alsatian, Golden Retriever, Bull Mastiff, etc., need 2 – 2.5 packets.
  • All ingredients are fresh, free-range and organic, where possible
  • Our grains are of top quality and come from credible sources.
  • Our omegas come from pressed olive oil and real animal fat and meat.
  • Strictly, no preservatives are used, proven harmful and may cause many health problems.
  • No extrusion gets used, and therefore more nutrients get retained and absorbed.
  • Low cooking temperatures ensure that protein and enzymes are not denatured or destroyed.

Because Vondi’s is a low carb, low calorie, low-fat, and preservative-free wet food diet, we are confident in saying the following:

  • We are very effective in combatting skin conditions.
  • There should be no excessive weight gain.
  • Pets should feel fuller, and also more satisfied, as the product is bulky.
  • Pets are less likely to experience hip dysplasia, especially when fed our balanced diets as puppies.
  • There is less likelihood of dental disease, as the food is lapped down and therefore should not decay and ferment in the mouth.
  • The high moisture content also reduces any added likelihood of diet-related renal failure or urinary tract disease.
  • Low GI levels mean that diabetes is also less likely.

Vondi’s Natural Pet food Variety Pack contains 20 beef, 20 chicken, 20 mutton and 20 ostrich.


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