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SAVE 10%! VONDIS Puppy Supplement Value Pack WITH FOOD (Only Cpt/Jhb/Pta)

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Get the right start with our complete puppy pack! Food, natural remedies, supplements & treats! Keep them healthy & strong with everything they need. A few points about us…

  • Vondi’s is a registered and legal pet nutrition in terms of Act 36 of 1947.
  • Vondi’s was developed and endorsed by Prof. Lourens De Wet, BSc Agric, Hons BSc Agric, MSc Agric
  • Vondi’s is totally natural & preservative free
  • Vondi’s is REAL food – REAL meat, REAL Veggies, olive oil
  • Our cooking process is scientific – grains are cooked slowly and for a long period and NEVER together with the meat. Veggies and herbs are blended raw & fresh.
  • Freshly pick herbs are essential in Vondi’s food, as well as olive oil and fresh veggies
  • Supplementing your diet with natural remedies and supplements can be extremely beneficial. There are some amazing supplements that are anti-inflammatory & immune boosting.

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Get the right start with our complete puppy pack! Food, natural remedies, supplements & treats! Keep them healthy & strong with everything they need. 

“The results of a clinical trial suggest that 74.7% of common diseases in dogs and 63% of common diseases in cats can be eliminated without medical intervention over a period of one year with proper diet modifications and an understanding of the healing process as exhibited through healing episodes. Approaching disease from the perspective of health is the most powerful means of eliminating disease. Poor fuel makes for little momentum in life. The commercial food we are feeding’ is the disease we are treating – so treat on and on, curing one disease after another, again and again.” Dr. William Pollak, DVM

Includes: Khakibos flea trigger R95/ Khakibos Flea Shampoo R85/ Puppy supplement R135/ Diatomaceous earth dewormer R80/ Puppy Crunchies R38/ Puppy Clouds R22/ Boredom Buster Small Pack R120/ 100g Bite Size Liver Biltong (training treats) R35/ Chew Twisted Ring R29/ 10 x Chicken Dog Food R240/ 10 x Beef Dog Food R240

Khakibos has always proven to be a great flea and tick repellent. Many older folk will tell you of stories how they would cover their carpets and curtains with Khakibos, in order to repel fleas and ticks. Many tell of how Khakibos can even be used to spray your organic herb garden. Safe and natural it can be sprayed directly onto your pet and linen and in fact, is very gentle on the skin. The spray is ideal for dogs but some cats do not mind being sprayed. It may also be used as a rinse for your pet’s laundry.

Puppies, kittens and older pets have more specific nutritional needs and mineral and vitamin requirements. Wholesome, real and natural nutrition has a diverse and wide spectrum of natural and effective minerals and vitamins. Still then, there is no harm supplementing this diet with added natural minerals. Our puppy supplement = helps to improve digestion, build immunity, strengthen bone and fulfill specific mineral requirements.

Parasites live in an animal’s intestinal tract, causing nutritional problems and physical irritation, effecting the health condition and attitude of the host. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, worms and negative bacteria may seriously damage the general health and vitality of your pets. Our diatomaceous earth is certified 100% organic.

And our natural range of treats will entertain your pup non-stop!

Normally R1119 You pay R1008 SAVE 10%!

This value deal is only available in Cpt/Jhb/Pta.

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