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Vondis Beef Droewors – 100g


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Our entire range of natural treats are produced locally using only the best quality ingredients – and they contain absolutely no preservatives. Our fundamental belief is that raw treats are the most biologically appropriate for pets. As such, the majority of our treats remain raw and are simply dried.

It is important to give your dog treats because chewing is hugely beneficial to your dog’s dental health and at the same time it helps your fur baby get some jaw action. In addition to the enjoyment that your fur child gets from our treats, they also serve as a “toothbrush” for your pet.

Don’t forget, our treats are also:

  • High in protein
  • Healthy (all natural)
  • Grain- and wheat-free
  • Affordable

Our treats contain NO artificial flavourants or colourants (hence their raw and natural appearance).

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Vondis Beef Pet Droewors – 100g

Vondi’s pet droewors / Drywors – R40

Our range of natural treats come from local sources, and all the ingredients are responsibly sourced from sustainable industry partners. 

Unlike even human-grade dried meat snacks, our special beef pet droewors contain no preservatives. Furthermore, they are a great source of meat proteins. 

Proudly South African dog treats!

Meat proteins


Meat proteins are an important part of a natural canine diet. Dogs descended not only from earlier canine species in the wolf family, but also scavengers such as & coyotes, dingos. All in all, the common denominator is that their diets consisted of meat.


Even though the scavenging species were the ones that joined up with mankind to become our best friends, they needed a fair amount of meat to survive.


It may seem strange, looking at one’s very civilised Bichon Frise, but somewhere beneath all the puff and pomp still beats the heart of a little predator. It is one that evolved from a meat-eating pack animal.


Why meat proteins?


But why do meat proteins matter? Surely protein is protein? Well, not exactly. Meat proteins are far more bioavailable than plant proteins. 


All that means is that the body can absorb and use meat proteins more easily and for more purposes than plant protein. It’s almost intuitive, understanding that plant proteins, like every other part of a plant, are harder to break down and absorb than meat protein.


It’s also why we see many herbivores survive on a slow digestive system. Often such an animal requires some form of rumination to get the most out of its plant diet. 


Beef Pet Droewors & Teething pups


If you have a puppy, you will face the existential horrors of a toothing pup. Not only are they very destructive, but it is heartbreaking watching them suffer while teething, knowing how badly it must hurt. 


Our beef pet droewors / drywors is ideal for teething pups. It is a chewy treat that aids in tooth-cutting while offering your pup a healthy and nutritious snack.

Proudly South African dog treats!

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