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Vondis Beef Liver Biltong Bulk 1kg


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Our liver biltong has proven to be ideal for those ”Sit! Stay!! Roll Over!” moments. And now you can get it in bulk to ensure you always have a treat for when your fur baby out does themselves in training. Be it potty or tricks.

This is a tasty delicacy of the freshest liver biltong, that is preservative free, high in anti-oxidants and organic.  Get the best out of puppy school with this gem of a treat that will have your fur baby prepped and groomed in no time.

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Vondis Beef Liver Biltong – Thicker strips of dried, raw liver

Vondi’s beef liver biltong dog treats 1kg bulk  – R270,00


Our range of natural treats come from local sources, and all the ingredients are responsibly sourced from sustainable industry partners. 


Unlike even human-grade dried meat snacks, our special beef droewors treats for dogs contain no preservatives. Furthermore, they are a great source of meat proteins. 


Meat proteins


Meat proteins are an important part of a natural canine diet. Dogs descended from earlier canine species in the wolf family, and their diet consisted of mostly meat. 


Even though the scavenging species were the ones that joined up with mankind to become our best friends, even they needed a lot of meat to survive.


It may seem strange, looking at one’s very civilised Bichon Frise, but somewhere beneath all the puff and pomp still beats the heart of a little predator. It is one that evolved from a meat-eating pack animal.


Why Liver?


Liver meat is famously high in natural iron. However, unlike chemical iron or ferrous sulphide, the iron in the liver is an organic compound. That makes it much easier for your pup to absorb.


Furthermore, the iron found in many supplements presents several health risks, which organic iron compounds don’t. And that should come as no surprise. After all, the chemical iron we often see in kibble is actually a commonly used crop fertiliser. 


Teething pups


If you have a puppy, you will face the existential horrors of a toothing pup. Not only are they very destructive, but it is heartbreaking watching them suffer while teething, knowing how badly it must hurt. 


Our beef droewors is ideal for teething pups. It is a chewy treat that aids in tooth-cutting while offering your pup a healthy and nutritious snack.

Vondi’s beef liver biltong dog treats 1kg bulk  – R270,00

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