If you feed your dogs high carb, high calorie pellet food that the body is not familiar with, it simply gets stored as fat. The pellet form food is inappropriate and our pets do not know how to store these nutrients. As a result, they simply get stored as fat. If one feeds balanced whole foods, your pet will metabolize healthily, and start to lose weight in a healthy and controlled manner.

Feeding balanced, nutritionally beneficial food as per the Vondis feeding guidelines, means that your pet will reach its preferred and recommended weight.
Most of the common ailments we find nowadays are as a result of feeding dry pellet or kibble food – this includes all skin ailments, digestive issues, obesity, bladder disorders and arthritis. We at Vondis blame all of these conditions on dry kibble food itself, as well as flea poisons.

In order to assist your dog to lose weight, diet must be changed to a high moisture diet (not dried food which can be the cause of many other ailments).

We do not support the feeding of total raw meat. Instead, we make sure that our meat is steamed to 72 degrees to kill any possible harmful pathogens.

One should be feeding your dog 4% of the it’s body weight per day. Please see the examples below:

  • Maltese – ½ packet per day
  • Jack Russel – ¾ per day
  • Spaniel – 1 packet per day
  • Labrador – 1.5 packets per day
  • German Shepard – 2 packets per day
  • Pitbull – 3 packets per day

Or follow the link below for our ingredient list and feeding guidelines: https://vondis.co.za/feeding-guide/

Helping your dog lose excessive weight can also have knock-on effects with other ailments, as mentioned above, such as itchy skin, digestive issues and arthritis. While putting them on a healthy diet, why not also try our natural remedies,  CBD range and health biscuits.

After all, a healthy doggie, is a happy doggie!