At Vondi’s we pride ourselves on being are actively involved in educating the public on animal welfare issues and believe that every cat and dog has the right to a loving home, good health and excellent nutrition. We know that our supporters are active animal charity supporters too!

This is why we offered them the chance to buy our nutritious dog food at a wholesale discount, connecting needy rescue dogs with high quality, preservative-free meals.

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Vondi’s pet food comes frozen, and for this reason needs to be transported in quantities large enough that the packets keep each other cool in transit, which is why we only deliver it to the public in polystyrene containers of 40 packets at a time.
For this reason, we can only offer the special discount to charities within reasonable driving distance of our Sea Point store in Cape Town, or near one of our participating distributors in Johannesburg or Durban so that we can deliver it, or they may choose to collect it.

Also, the charity would need to either have enough freezing space to store such a volume of frozen food, or have enough dogs to feed that the food was used within 3 days of receipt.

As our frozen dog food is best transported in bulk to help it keep frozen, we can only deliver it when close to 40 packets have been accumulated to donate to any given charity. Should a participating charity wish to receive the food in other amounts, they are welcome to arrange collection from our Sea Point store in Cape Town, or from our participating distributors in KZN or Gauteng.

We all know cats can be fussy eaters. No matter how healthy a new food might be, or how delicious we think they might find it, they have weaker stomachs than dogs and are therefore naturally predisposed to turning their noses up at anything unfamiliar.
Also unlike dogs, cats often opt to go on hunger strike when faced with new food, and they can suffer liver damage if they go too long between meals, so you can’t simply try to wait it out until they cave in and try the new food.
While you may choose to persist with your own cat in a stable home, cats passing through foster or charity homes might have been fed one type of food before rescue, then another while in care, and then still another once rehomed.
While we are open to the idea of a special offer on cat food, we’d need a very patient partner charity to wean their cats onto it.

Due to volumes we can only add a few charities each month. Please be patient!

If you’re prepared to pay for delivery of the free food, we can help you arrange this with our couriers. This would still work out cheaper than purchasing food. Please note that the food can only be transported in multiples of 40 packets (20kg) or else it won’t stay frozen in transit.

Simply fill in the form below to be added to the list and we will review your application for deliverability and add it to the list to be added.

If you are a charity owner or would like to see your charity listed then please fill out the form to the right and we’ll get in touch!