A natural, wholesome diet that includes a variety of fresh veggies is recommended for both human and animal alike. Added to this nutritious diet should be a variety of natural herbs.

Most people have fresh herbs at home or can easily acquire some. So I wish to focus on the nutritional and medicinal values that herbs can contribute to your companion’s diet.

The medicinal and mineral wealth in herbs is well documented and is essential to the health of all animals.

In the wild, dogs and cats would graze a variety of mineral enriched grass, flowers and herbs, instinctively identifying the healing and cleansing agents that they contain.

It is not uncommon for even our domesticated pets to consume grass and roots.

In our own brand of natural food we include a variety of over 20 freshly pick herbs.  As a result we have had amazing success in treating skin allergies and eczema, bad breath, bladder disorders, obesity, eye ailments, diabetes, cancer and nervousness.

Herewith a list of some of my favorite herbs:

GARLIC – is a miracle herb and has a powerful natural disinfectant which helps to destroy harmful bacteria in the animals system and helps detoxify the body. It also tones the lymphatic cells and helps purify the bloodstream and intestines. It prevents viruses from multiplying and creates hostile conditions that repel most parasites and strengthens the immune system.

ROSEMARY – It has traditionally been used for asthma and lung difficulties, bruises, wounds, colds, depression, eczema, dandruff, hair loss, headaches, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, rheumatism and sores. It also produces glossy coats and shinny eyes.

THYME – It has very strong antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. Used to fight infection, poor digestion, lung infections and skin inflammation. It is also known as an eye strengtherner.

MARJORAM – is a relaxing herb and used in the treatment of nervous tension and stress related conditions. 

MINT – reduces excess acidity and calms nerves. It is digestive, soothing, relaxing and sleep inducing. It is a digestive alkaliser and prevents mucus formation and sinus blocking.

PARSLEY – is rich in iron builds blood, promotes oxygen absorption, gives good pigment to skin and hair and nourishes the nerves, muscles and internal organs. It also refreshes bad breath.

FENNEL – is enriched with so many wonderful minerals and medicinal properties are enormous. It strengthens the nervous system and stamina for highly strung animals but at the same time reduces acidity and calms nerves. It maintains brain, teeth, eyes and all bones of the body.