“Thank you Paul for all your guidance and support! – For 6 long years Tony and I battled with our three French poodles with chronic skin allergies, re-occurring ear and eye infections amongst other ailments. We had endless sleepless nights with the scratching, licking and offensive smelling dogs in our room. I googled ‘wet food diets_dog_south africa’ and landed on Vondis website. Before introducing them to the Vondis diet in January, besides all the drugs that were being pumped in to them, the monthly cost of the medicine together with the dry food prescription diet that the vets advised us to put them on, ran in to thousands of rands a month.

Tony and I are now enjoying a good night’s sleep and they are happy, healthy boys!

Tony and Barbs”

“Hi Paul. Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve just seen a very happy client. I saw him at the end of April. His Labrador had to wear bandages almost permanently for lick granulomas and had frequent hotspots. He admits he felt like giving up. He has been feeding your Special Chicken and using the Rooibos Anti-itch since the beginning of May. There is only 1 slightly raw spot left, no bandages and hardly any scratching…Dr. Alma Kerr (vet)”

“Just thought I’d drop you a story for your testimonial page. The kind of story that if anybody is still not convinced that the holistic pet food nutritional way for your pets is not the answer, then nothing else is……

I have rescued many animals and there are two common denominaters. One being, that somebody, somewhere has abandoned the animal and all the animals in my care eat Vondis.

The speed with which my rescued babies heal is just mind blowing. I’m talking about animals with demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, ticks and flea/lice investations. I have attached some photos to explain myself further and as you will see, the rest is self explanatory.

I just wanted to thank you and Paul for all your assistance in helping me to help them!! …..Kind regards Nicole

Paul Grizzly is loving his new food and I bless you every time I cut open a bag. He also stopped scratching immediately! Best, Elma

I have put my dog Leo on your Vondi’s food for itchy skins and within three weeks I’ve noticed a difference. He had a bald patch on his chest and the hair has almost all grown back – best decision I’ve ever made for my furbaby! smile emoticon”. Lanadene
Thanks Vondi’s for your awesome products. Since putting my Yorkie on your food about 2 months ago I can see so many changes. Her coat is more shiny, she doesn’t itch as much and she has stopped licking her paws. Gillian

I have the NEED to tell you that in this short space of time, I have become your total, complete and dedicated FAN. Our little scrap has never in her life been in better condition than she is after just 6 weeks on your food. DESPITE the Hill’s Science diet that she was on for a good few years, she used to have a fairly flaky, itchy skin, shed hair quite a bit, her coat was just a tad wiry and she was prone to putting on weight easily.

Wellll … all that has changed:  NO pellets in her diet whatsoever, her coat has NEVER been as soft and shiny as it is now; NO more scratching, she has virtually stopped shedding hair, she was also prone to a doggie smell… that too is gone. She actually smells good now. For a 12-year old girl she has a new spark in the step … overall condition is great, and in such a short time too?! Ronel

Hello. My name is Amy, and my doggie is Flo. She is a MASSIVE fan of Vondis. We got her from the SPCA a year ago. She had mange, horrible infections, malnutrition, and was found in a box with pups. She’s a wire hair terrier x jack russel x maltese. Her skin is extremely sensitive, and she has a grass allergy. Since starting her on Vondis 2months ago, we cannot believe the change!! She is much more full of energy, has less rashes, and doesn’t get the runny tummy she always used to have. Her hair/fur is fuller, less ginger, and less oily. Amy

I took Gene today to Dr Eckersley to have her checked out properly…… she is now 22 months old today and as you know a German Shepherd Puppy…..

Urine Analysis – 100%   Fecal Analysis – 100%/ Full Blood Work Up (4 vials of blood) – 100%

Hips – 100%      Elbows  – 100%     Spine – 100%/ Dr Eckersley said quote

”I am VERY happy with her condition and her results!”  During her exam – he commented on her amazing coat!  She feels like Velvet! He said that you can see she is in perfect health!

Hi Cindy

Thank you so much for following up with me

After exhaustive tests, the vet came back to say they could find nothing wrong with Whiskey. The blood results that he had done showed he was extremely anaemic etc and the vet was worried about parasites or major bleeding. The bloods were done again and came back normal! To say I am frustrated is an understatement never mind that we spent close to R8000.00 on these tests 

So, back to my boy. He is really enjoying the food and would love more than just the one packet. 

I think he is looking a lot chirpier and responsive but my family think I’m seeing things. His ears perk up and he is eager to meet you at the door. To me, he appears to be happier. He also seems to be finding it easier to climb on the beds and is not battling like he was, to get up from a lying down position.

I believe in synchronicity, so I believe everything that happened directed us to Vondi’s and that’s the way it is. I also think that there will be more positive changes the longer he stays on your food. 

I am happy with what I’m seeing and we are all far happier feeding him food as opposed to those lumpy balls of kibble 😉


Beve Ritz