As guardians of our domesticated pet, we have a responsibility to protect them from harm and assure them of basic humane rights. That said, it should be our honor and privilege to harbor this companion in our home.  A being so loyal, committed, loving and affectionate, you will not find anywhere.

Yet, world-wide and in South Africa, animal abuse is prevalent and our companion animal’s basic rights have been compromised. There are many fantastic organizations dedicated to protect these rights – the right to a safe environment, the right to be protected from harm and abuse and the right to live and die with dignity.

But what about our companion animal’s inherent rights to safe nutrition that is free of dangerous ingredients and preservatives. And what about their rights to products that are free from harmful chemicals and poisons?

Yes, we stand up when we see a dog being beaten and we voice our objection when they are left stranded and abused. Yet every day many people indiscriminately feed their companions diets that are inappropriate, highly preserved and contain ingredients that are dubious and dangerous. Each year many commercial pet foods are recalled due to contamination or for the inclusion of inferior ingredients. Who can forget the dreadful pet food recall that was so widely publicized in South Africa and where many of our pets either died or were sickened from food that contained the harmful ingredient, melamine?

For many years Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition has been fighting for the rights of our pets to enjoy nutrition that is safe, moral and ethical. We encourage pet owners to scrutinize the “truths about commercial processed pet food” and decipher the obscurity in labeling.

We demand complete transparency with regards to the cooking process used to prepare commercial pet food and that they declare openly their ingredients and recipe. Preservatives that have not been tested to be safe should be banned. Ingredients, commonly used like digestives, by-products, emulsifiers, meals, etc deserve a more transparent explanation.

Animal Rights Africa has clearly identified certain brands that “ruthlessly conduct experiments on animals to try give their pet food a competitive marketing edge”. They strongly encourage pet owners to boycott brands that fail to sign up to the “no animal testing pet food standard”. Unfortunately, almost every brand of pet food is guilty of this indiscretion.

We challenge the veterinarians and their associations and their “cozy relationship” they have with the pet food companies. Much has been publicized about these “perverse incentive programs”. In the end the consumer is so over whelmed with marketing jargon that he is unable to commit to an informed and sensible decision.

Our modern era has become materialistic, insensitive and careless. We have steered away from good business and moral ethics and we have distant ourselves from natural living. In this hectic life style, convenience has become a priority with processed, preserved and chemical based products enjoying major support.

 In protecting our animal rights it is the responsibility of the consumer to understand packaging labels, to research the safety of these ingredients and take a moral stance on correct feeding and care.

For only then can we consider ourselves true guardians of our companion animals and animal rights campaigners.

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