Vondi’s had to endure extreme scientific testing and procedure in order to be legally registered in terms of Act 36 of 1947.

This involved:

  1. Microbiological testing to determine any aerobic or anaerobic growth so that it can be considered as “commercially sterile”
  1. A chemical analysis to determine balance to include: Protein, Moisture, Ash, Fat, Insoluble fibre, Ca, P, Linoleic, Omega 6:3, β-carotene.
  1. Perform a proximal analysis to determine its proximal composition moisture analysis.
  1. Determine an optimum time/temperature and a built in safety margin.
  1. Label development in terms of the law: Guaranteed Analysis, Feeding Guidelines, Open Declaration.
  1. Full chemistry on final product.
  1. Application to The Department of Agriculture for registration.

The fact that we don’t boast about our scientific registration and completeness, does not make us any less scientific than other veterinary brands. We have just preferred to advocate other attributes that we feel are just as important: WHOLESOMENESS, NUTRITIOUS and of course MORALITY and ETHICS.