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SAVE 10%! VONDIS Itchy Skin Remedy Value Pack WITH FOOD (only Cpt, Jhb, Pta)


Vondi’s is a registered and legal pet nutrition in terms of Act 36 of 1947. Vondi’s was developed and endorsed by Prof. Lourens De Wet, BSc Agric, Hons BSc Agric, MSc Agric, & is totally natural & preservative free. Vondi’s is REAL food – REAL meat, REAL Veggies, olive oil. Our cooking process is scientific – grains are cooked slowly and for a long period and NEVER together with the meat. Veggies and herbs are blended raw & fresh. Freshly pick herbs are essential in Vondi’s food, as well as olive oil and fresh veggies. Supplementing your diet with natural remedies and supplements can be extremely beneficial in boosting immunity & eliminating skin or allergy issues. There are some amazing supplements that are anti-inflammatory.

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SAVE 10%! VONDIS Itchy Skin Remedy Value Pack WITH FOOD (only Cpt, Jhb, Pta)

Does your dog itch?


Vondi’s food is registered and legal pet nutrition in Act 36 of 1947. Prof. Lourens De Wet developed and endorses VONDIS. Vondi’s is natural and also preservative-free. It is REAL food, REAL meat, REAL Veggies, and REAL olive oil. 


Our cooking process is scientific. Grains are cooked slowly and for a long period. Also, they are never cooked together with the meat, and veggies, as well as herbs, get blended fresh. 


Freshly picked herbs are essential in Vondi’s food. We also only use olive oil and fresh veggies. Supplementing your dog’s diet with natural remedies and supplements can be extremely beneficial in eliminating skin allergies.


Some of our amazing supplements are anti-inflammatory.




Does your dog itch? Does your dog have fleas? Vondi’s Itchy Skin Remedy pack includes Buchu scrub, Mint & rooibos biscuits, Khakibos flea spray, Omega oil, and Rooibos anti-itch oil.


The skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body, and skin and coat problems often serve as the first indicators of poor health and potential underlying concerns. 


Yet, almost every pet suffers from some sort of skin condition. And you may think that it is only an itch or just a scratch. However, these could also be symptoms of serious allergies or food intolerance. 


If left untreated, such ailments can worsen other inflammatory disorders like renal complications, arthritis, and cancer. 


Effective ingredients


Khakibos makes a great flea and tick repellent with a rich history in folk medicine. When our pets have any skin irritation or redness, we need to bathe them and relieve the itchiness. 


Unfortunately, many people will use chemical-based shampoos that aggravate the skin even further. We also include Buchu. It is known for its anti-bacterial and also its anti-inflammatory properties. 


In addition, the Buchu soap scrub alleviates and soothes the irritation and itch. That is a far better alternative to any shampoo and it also cleans and cools the skin.


Natural infusions


We also include a wonderful infusion of Rooibos, Camomile and Spirulina with grapeseed oil is brilliant for alleviating skin allergies, scratching and skin irritation. It is easy to administer orally with food. 


The medicinal and healing properties of Rooibos and Camomile warrant no question. Therefore, they are a must for all pets with allergy-related conditions.


Rooibos & Mint Biscuits 


Jenny Morris is one of South Africa’s most popular celebrity Chefs. In collaboration with Vondis, they have produced a range of healthy biscuits that are tasty and affordable.


Vondi’s OM3 OMEGA oil


Immunity is everything, and healthy pets are more resilient to viruses, bacteria, parasites and allergens.


So, what makes Vondi’s OM3 OMEGA oil unique?


  • OM3 OMEGA is natural.
  • It contains higher percentages of Omega 3 than other similar products.
  • No alcohol gets added, unlike many other omega oil products.
  • There are also no added preservatives.
  • Our OM3 OMEGA has very low peroxide levels.
  • We remove mercury and also other heavy metals.


Our SPECIAL CHICKEN and SPECIAL OSTRICH are natural, preservative-free diets. They are also enriched with cooling herbs (lemon verbena, lemon balm, borage, variety of sage, and mint). 


That makes both perfect for skin allergies, sensitivities, and digestive problems!

Read more about how to stop your dogs itch:

This value pack is only available in CPT, JHB & PTA.


Scrub @ R70, Mint & Rooibos biscuits @ R38, Flea spray @ R95. The pack also contains Omega oil @ R120, Rooibos anti-itch oil @ R70, 10 Special chicken @ R240, and 10 Special ostrich @ R260.




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