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Ostrich Wing Bone – 120g


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Vondis Large Ostrich Knuckles Vondis Large Ostrich Knuckles are a 100% natural chew made from gently dried ostrich bones.

  • Preservative and additive free
  • High in bioavailable protein
  • Long lasting

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Ostrich Wing Bone – 120g 

Our Ostrich wing bone is the ideal chew for small and teacup-sized dogs. They offer all the benefits of healthy Ostrich bones for dogs in a size that is more manageable for smaller dogs. Furthermore, Ostrich bone is a long-lasting chew for your dog to enjoy leisurely.

For your four-legged friends

Most dogs prefer Ostrich bones to other types of bone chew. And they are not just a great chew toy but Ostrich bones for dogs and are also good for your dog’s teeth and gums. 

A healthy chew

A dog’s dental health is more important than most people realise. Dental diseases such as gum disease result from bacteria that can cause serious health problems to the rest of your dog’s body. Dental health problems commonly lead to heart, liver damage, and kidney disease. 

Perfect for dogs that suffer from food sensitivities

In addition, Ostrich falls under a group of proteins that we call novel proteins. These proteins are, for all intents and purposes, hypoallergenic. That makes our Ostrich bones the best option for dogs with food allergies. 

VONDIs treats

None of our treats contain any added preservatives. We believe raw treats are the most effective options for a healthy, happy pet. Therefore, the majority of our treats remain raw and are dried.

We think of treats as an addition to our pet’s diet. They get rewarded with something when they behave well or learn a new trick. That is why it is important that we only treat our pets with low-calorie treats that won’t impact their nutritional needs. 

However, chewy treats serve a major purpose in your dog’s diet because they help maintain dental health.

Don’t forget. Our treats are also:

  1. High in bioavailable protein
  2. Responsibly grown and sourced
  3. Grain- and wheat-free for pets with intolerances

VONDIs Holistic Pet Nutrition is registered nutritional pet food. It is natural, wholesome, and free of preservatives. In addition, we have an amazing range of snacks to suit the palate of even the most discerning pups.

Ostrich bones for dogs


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