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Jenny Morris Rooibos & Mint Biscuits – 200g


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Every dog deserves a treat, whether to affirm good behaviour, as an in-between snack or to celebrate Christmas or other such festive occasions. A biscuit that contains sugar, dairy or preservatives is no good and can lead to a variety of adverse medical conditions like skin allergies. Jenny Morris is one of South Africa’s most popular celebrity chefs. Together with Vondi’s, they have produced a range of healthy biscuits that are tasty and affordable.

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Jenny Morris Rooibos & Mint Dog Biscuits – 200g

R40,00 – Rooibos & Mint Dog Biscuits 200g x 1


Your dog deserves the very best in nutrition. We at VONDIS provide our clients with the very best options in canine nutrition with our bespoke meals. But why stop there? 


Every dog deserves a treat, but that treat need not be a guilty pleasure. So instead, why not treat your pup with snacks that are both tasty and nutritious? 


In collaboration with Jenny Morris, one of South Africa’s top celebrity chefs, we’ve developed our range of healthy, morish dog biscuits. They contain no added sugar or preservative and are made from only the best ingredients.


Benefits of Rooibos & Mint Dog Biscuits



Mint has come along with humans through the ages and with good reason. For millennia this herb has made its way into our food and drink, added fresh or dried, and when we consider its health benefits, we are fortunate it did.




Mint can ease tension headaches and migraines. Now, there is very little research on whether dogs get headaches, but we know that they suffer tension-related aches and pains. Fortunately, mint helps with that as well. 




Mint is also another fantastic antibacterial and one of few that promote a healthy gut biome. Including mint in your dog’s diet will help ease digestive distress and cultivate a healthy digestive system.




Naturally, we can’t discuss mint without praising its efficacy as an aid in combating the symptoms of allergies. In addition, mint works wonders for a pup’s stuffy nose and can help clear up their sinuses. 


Natural sleep


The parent of a new pup will be thrilled to learn that mint acts as a gentle, natural sleeping aid. What makes it particularly great for the task is that it has no narcotic effects and simply helps soothe your pup to a night of natural sleep.




Rooibos roughly translates to “red bush”. It is native to South Africa, where rooibos enjoys popularity as a medicinal ingredient. It is also an incredible source of antioxidants. That is a property made all the better by rooibos’ other great quality, its lack of tannins and oxalic acid. 


Many antioxidant-rich plants come with the downside of those and other ‘unwanted’ ingredients. Another important trait of rooibos as a tea is that it lacks caffeine, critical to our four-legged pals.  

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