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Vondis Achilles 80g (beef)

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A super tough & long lasting beef treat! Top seller! This natural dental treat will keep your furbaby busy.

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Beef Achilles 80g


For our pups, chewing is an instinct. More than just a habit, chewing plays several important roles in a dog’s dental health and well-being. But what is the ideal chew? Unfortunately, many companies try to sell pet parents the idea of chew toys. 


Superior to chew toys


While the very top-of-the-line products can serve as a passive chew/plaything, they undermine the point of a proper bone chew. A dog must have an outlet for their instinctive chewing. If not, that same instinct can quickly manifest as a host of destructive behaviours.


Such behaviours include destroying their doggy beds and other playthings, clothing, shoes, couches, and anything around the home that they can fit their mouths around. In addition, these kinds of behaviours create additional strain and can lead to canine anxiety disorders. 


Important nutrition factors to consider


Another problem with chew toys is that they offer no nutritional benefit. Studies show that non-nutritious chewing still activates the digestive system. That means your pet’s body assumes that nutrients are coming, and the digestive system kicks into full gear.


In the best case scenario, that will cause your pup to burn calories, often calories that they need for other bodily functions. In the worst-case scenario, your pet’s body may break down muscle tissue to augment the misleading digestive function. 


Healthy nutrients


There are a couple of nutrients that are more difficult to provide your pet through their normal diet. These are mostly minerals. In nature, dogs’ cousins, like wolves, eat whole carcasses, including bones. That is the canids’ natural source of vitamins like calcium and magnesium. 


Uncooked bone chews are the most natural way to ensure that your pup gets all the minerals they don’t get in their nutritionally balanced diets. 


Carefully sourced dog chews


At VONDIs, we source our natural bone chews from select partners that practice safe and ethical farming practices. Importantly, our bone chews are raw. Cooked bone loses not only nutritional value but also becomes brittle. When brittle, bone chews present a significant choking hazard. 

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2 reviews for Vondis Achilles 80g (beef)

  1. Maria

    As soon as my dogs smelled the fresh chews, they went absolutely crazy! The smell is not gross like other chews can be, so your house won’t stink while your dog enjoys their chew. My dogs are small, but they love the larger chews. I love how healthy and all natural they are. I feel safe feeding my dogs these treats knowing it’s good for their health and doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives that can harm them. Definitely recommended!!

  2. Zach

    We love this beef chew—they do a great job keeping Tyber occupied. But we also prefer them over other chews because we know that the 100% natural ingredients make them extremely digestible. Even when Tyber swallows the chew when it gets to be about 2 inches long, we don’t have to worry about these messing up his insides!

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