A Love Poem – All About Oliver…


When Oliver was only a pup,

he did not have much luck.

Abused, broken and scared,

even his damaged leg was not spared.

Hobbling on three,

he needed to be rescued desperately.

Then the almighty power above,

shone upon Oliver and decided he deserves love.

Animal welfare took him away,

so that he may live another day.

They brought him to our family,

Paul, Gabriel, Ava and Cindy.

We pampered him with love and affection,

and he received all the attention.

At first he cowered and trusted none,

not even my daughter or son.

But soon he forgave,

the way other humans behave.

His scars and heart would heal,

as he realized our love was real.

However, the moral of this beautiful story,

is that his rescue has us awakened and we live in his glory.