You’re NOT a Veterinarian, but wish to determine the health of your pet 🙂



Carrying excessive weight can stress out the heart and will reduce longevity. Obviously, over weight dogs and cats exacerbate arthritic issues and hip dysplasia. Your pet should be lean and slim. One should almost be able to “read” the rib cage but not obnoxiously thin that ribs are protruding.


Just as with humans much can be determined by the eyes. Particularly with our pets, we look for alert, sparkling bright eyes. In Terriers, specifically, their eyes should be alive with enthusiasm and interest. Dull, “disinterested” eyes are sign that they are poorly nourished. Often, only once the diet has been changed does one really notice the difference. The Vondi’s stance is that only through natural wholesome diets will you achieve this.

How often have we converted clients onto a natural diet as a result of their companions struggling with common ailments like skin disorders, digestive issues, arthritis and cancer? The amazing secondary result that all testify to, is the change in character and temperament and the alertness and clarity of their eyes.


Once again, as with humans, when we eat poorly, the signs manifest itself in the skin – discoloration, pimples and acne. Well-nourished dogs and cats have soft healthy fur and their skin is free of redness, itchiness, allergies and “hot spots”.

The skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body, which is why skin and coat problems are often the first indicators of poor health and care. Yet, almost every pet suffers from some sort of skin condition.

Skin allergies and conditions can be cured. All that is required is a holistic and natural treatment.

Ensuring that your pet’s immunity is strong is the most important factor in dealing with skin. Healthy pets are less likely to be affected by viruses, bacteria, parasites and flea and ticks.

In summary, a wholesome diet packed with vegetables, including appropriate natural supplements, is the solution to your pet’s health and skin ailments.


When registering your pet food or remedies with scientific veterinary journals one needs to engage in animal testing and the results are determined and documented through the stool. Personally, Vondis would NEVER engage in animal testing. After all, there is enough evidence to support the nutritional values that are derived from vegetables, herbs, omegas, etc To have to force feed our companions and force them to endure inhumane and barbaric testing procedures is certainly beyond us.

The point however, is that so much is determined by the stool and quality thereof.

Your pets stool should be firm (hold its shape) but not be crumbly dry. A stool should bio-degrade quickly and easily into the earth and should not remain on the ground, without de-composing after a few days. A stool should not be particularly offensive to the nose and should not have a pungent smell. A stool should be healthy and “clean” and not be covered in slime and fungus.

If fact, the perfect stool should be so appealing and nutritious that the birds would wish to feast thereon. I can assure that such a perfect stool can only be obtained from a diet that is wholesome, natural and enriched with vegetables.