There are just so many references in the scriptures demanding from us, to show love, care and compassion for our animals. A few weeks ago I bumped into a Rabbi and asked him is there is anything written in the Torah regarding animal care. In fact, it is said that one must feed your animals before you sit down to feed your own family.

Many icons and legends like Madiba and Gandhi, to mention only a few, have expressed their love and affection for animals and companion animals.

For those that prefer not to dissect this subject from a religious point of view but rather spirituality, there is no doubt that our companion animals fit into the mould of a “perfect being”.

This is a being that is so dedicated to love. A being so faithful, forgiving, committed, caring and loyal. A being that has no fear of death but revels in the present moment.

When a child is born, this is a miraculous moment. When puppies are born, they are adorable, cuddly and their “coffee breath” is so appealing. Another one of God’s gifts.

I wish that one day, humans could or would aspire to the GODLINESS and goodness of our dear companion animals, beloved beings, members of our family