A dog, mans most loyal friend,

devoted, committed until the very end.

But abandon him, abuse him

and he may never recover again.

Oliver settled in to a normal loving life style, despite his disability of having only three legs, due to animal abuse. He even recovered from his traumatic experience and eventual rescue by animal welfare. He ate normally (be it frantically), he played normally, he ran normally and he loved normally. But you can rescue a sole and you can save a life, but some scars still remain that may never disappear.

It is almost as if dogs give of themselves unconditionally. They open their hearts to commitment and love, entirely. And when they are deceived, let down by humans, part of their loving soul changes forever. They keep a scar or scars that remind them not to be so faithful and vulnerable. Sometimes it is only a small scar with small abnormal behavior and sometimes it is a large scar with serious abnormalities. Who knows why some abused rescue dogs recover better than others? Maybe it the level of abuse or conversely the level of love they receive when rescued.

Oliver is just the most adoring soul and amazing rescue who is near perfect except for the few irregularities based on his memories and distrust. He has learnt to love the stroking affectionate hand BUT don’t place on his head, because it reminds him of the abusive hand. Oh, how he loves visitors once they are settled in our home BUT when the door bell rings, and he believe that our home may be under attack, he goes wild.

Everyone is welcome in our home but don’t try leave. Oliver will grab at your heels and pants to keep you as a visitor. Sadly, on our walks he is comfortable and completely calm with most people, but he does recall the vicious boots and hands of the men that harmed him. From time to time, he will charge only at a man of dark complexion, without biting, but just to say: “please don’t hurt me again; I will not stand for it anymore”.

Whether you are able to cure a rescue dog completely is not the point. You certainly have saved a life, nurtured a soul. The amazing wonder about rescuing an abandoned animal is that it is your own soul that is saved and it is your pain that is relieved. This is the wonder of our companion animals

When you abuse our companion friend,

that hurt, those scars cannot mend.

There remains forever a small reminder,

that the world and humans can be kinder.

photo 2