That false smile on a humans face,

has no truth and has no grace.

But a wagging tail from your companion,

shows love and happiness from within. 

You can read everything from your dog’s tail. When he is scared, when he feels threatened, when he is in “attack mode”, when he is sad and certainly when he is happy.

At first, Oliver’s worn out, bony tail was always between his legs. Funny, but despite his history of abuse and being threatened, I don’t ever remember seeing his tail upright, in an attack or threatened mode.

Soon, the only tail we saw was a “wagging tail of happiness”. Most of his unpleasant thoughts and memory had disappeared and he forgot about the grief that he once suffered. He ignored the fact that he had one leg less and it did not bother him at all. He only saw love, friendship, play and goodness. Every moment he cherished and it pleased him immensely.

He became our true Yogi Dog or Guru and he judged life, now, only from what he saw in front of him and was exposed to each day. That tail wagged continuously.

Oliver’s tail wagged when he woke up in the morning to the sound of a family getting ready. It wagged prolifically when Ava, our 6 year old, cuddled with him as soon as she got out of bed. It wagged at breakfast (even though it was not breakfast time for him) and that tail went crazy when it was time to take the kids to school and jump in the car.

Oliver’s tail wagged when spoken to. Oliver’s tail wagged when the kids were playing soccer or “runners and catchers”. Oliver’s tail wagged when the birds were chirping, when the sun was out, when the wind blew, when it was raining and when it was TV time.

Dinner time was the ultimate and both his jaw and tail moved simultaneously whilst waiting for his bowl of food. Even more so when the food was laid down to eat. It was pure bliss.

But Oliver was very impressed with music and he had a strong affection for Beethoven. Despite growing up in an impoverished environment he had a mature, sophisticated affectation for culture.

Here is Oliver enjoying Hannon, played by my boy (Gabriel 8 years old). Click here.