MSM has powerful pain-killing affects, whilst S&M promotes pain and suffering.

MSM strengthens connective tissue. With S&M, you need a tissue to wipe away your tears.

MSM relieves and reduces inflammation but with S&M your whole body is likely to be bruised and inflamed.

MSM reduces high blood pressure. With S&M, depending on how violent your partner is, you may be left with severe injuries and bleeding.

MSM acts as an effective anti-depressant but S&M is likely to leave you psychologically damaged.

MSM reduces joint degeneration but S&M can harm your joints, depending how “kinky” you get.

MSM improves lung function effectively but with S&M, strangling and suffocation is encouraged and can collapse your lung.

MSM relieves chronic constipation whilst S&M promotes perverse sexual activity that may cause irritable bowels and constipation.

AS you can see, I am not a huge fan of S&M (everyone to their own) but I am a huge fan of MSM.

MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane, which is sulphur.  Its main benefit, besides the above, is treating inflammation, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

Read up more about MSM and refrain from S&M.