Prominent veterinarians world-wide claim that it is because of the feeding of high carb kibble diets that our pets health has been compromised:

”Nutrition is serious health business. The public is not well served by exclusively feeding products from companies without any real commitment to health… or knowledge of how to even achieve that. Recent studies have shown processed foods to be a factor in increasing numbers of pets suffering from cancer, arthritis, obesity, dental disease and heart disease”. Dr. Randy Wysong, DVM.

The attached poster and study shows just how much our pets longevity has been reduced:
Dr Gérard Lippert and Bruno Sapy, landmark 5 year study on the life expectancy of domestic dogs showed that:

Dogs fed industrial food lived an average 10.4 years. Dogs fed home-made food lived an average 13.1 years.

The difference is just over 32 months. That is nearly 3 YEARS LONGER!!!

One need only have to use common sense to understand that processed and preserved foods will have a negative impact on health and longevity.

One need only have to speak to our grandparents to realize how well our pets used to perform on table scraps.

Some of the most remarkable stories of longevity come from people who fed their pets table scraps that consisted of raw whole veggies and a fair amount of meat.

Personally, I had three dogs. Chester died at 19 (unfortunately got his head stuck in a packet of Nachos). Jonty died at 17 and Monty still lives at the age of 15.

None have ever been fed kibble food.

It is only the fool that will ignore nutritional science that clear states that your health, wellness and longevity is related your life style and dietary habits. In that regard, they refer to whole real foods, preferably organic.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Independent university research now demonstrates that feeding dogs fresh, healthy, whole food diets instead of highly processed kibble and cans results in improvements in measures of health.

The results of a landmark study conducted by animal science researchers in California show that feeding a group of dogs a freshly prepared, whole food, lightly cooked, nutritionally balanced diet made from real food is scientifically shown to increase white blood cells and blood proteins that could benefit immune health.

It is the first time in veterinary nutrition history that the long standing practice of feeding dogs highly processed kibble diets, made from feed grade ingredients not allowed in the human food chain, is scientifically challenged. The results support what human nutritionists have been advising for decades – stay clear of heavily processed foods, and eat wholesome, balanced meals that are prepared fresh from the highest quality ingredients available, are lightly cooked, and have no preservatives. This same advice appears to be true for our canine best friends.