I am so frustrated. I want to bang my head. I want to write to all pet publications. I want to contact Carte Blanche. I want to grab all the veterinarians together. This happens each year after completing a major Expo Event, like The Good Food and Wine Expo which ended this weekend past. 

Vondi’s participates at many high profile exhibitions throughout South Africa. Despite being involved with Expos that target human interest, we represent, proudly, our furry friends. This draws much attention and interest and I believe that we are one of the most popular exhibitors. Certainly, we are one of the most interactive and passionate traders, talking to hundreds of people with animals. 

So why am I so frustrated and angry? 

Every single pet owner complains that their pet has a skin related allergy or irritation. I am not exaggerating. EVERY person who has a dog (and even cat) complains that there companion animal is struggling. I would hazard a guess and say that 99% of our dogs have a skin allergy of some sort – hot spots, redness, loss of hair, bumps at the tail, bumps on the stomach, itchiness, smelly skin, smelly mouth, itchy smelly ears, etc. 

Do our vets really know how dire the problem is? Or is the condition not so grave that warrants and expensive visit to the vet. The problem is not unique to Cape Town and The Good Food and Wine Expo. No, it does not matter where we exhibit, where we are represented. Each and every pet is struggling. Do our esteemed vets know this? 

Even more astounding, astonishing, amazing, ridiculous, degrading and unfair is that EVERY SINGLE pet that has skin ailments is being fed DRY PELLETS. We interview hundreds at an expo. Thousands during the course of the year and the ONLY common denominator is dry food. Where are our consumer journalists? Where is Carte Blanche? Where is Noseweek? We know the reason, we know the cause and without any doubt the cause is dry pellets/kibble. 

The only explanation given is that our pets are “Allergic”. Allergic to fleas, allergic to long grass, allergic to dust mites, allergic to the sand, allergic to sand fleas, allergic to the carpet, allergic to the detergent on the carpet, allergic to being allergic etc, etc, etc. 

Yes, but what is the cause? Why is their immunity so low that they are vulnerable to every allergen? We don’t fall apart when we step outside and are confronted by hundreds of allergens in the air and elsewhere. Our immunity is strong enough to cope with normal daily “interferences”. 

Why is no one putting the dots together?  Why is no one bold enough to blame the food that they are feeding? With humans we always blame our diet. 

There is no doubt that the cause of our pet’s allergies and skin condition is as a result of dry processed pellets. It is the only reasonable explanation. In essence, our pets are allergic to the food itself. They are allergic to pellets. To support this, the contrary applies. When people change their diets to normal food, real food, wholesome food, even food prepared at home, they immediately show positive signs and eventually are free of skin related sicknesses. 

The essence of well being is strong immunity, a strong digestive and glandular system. The core of health and well being comes from nutrition. How can any being expect to perform on food that has been exposed to abnormally high temperatures, that has been so preserved that it can sit on a dry shelf for 24 months, a diet that has no moisture, a diet that is essentially made up of refined carbs and a diet that is saturated in unnatural fats, so as to entice our pets to eat this inappropriate and unpalatable food. 

No wonder our pets are struggling with an array of human illnesses. This is just simply stated an inappropriate diet for any being, human or animal. Three hundred thousand years our companions have been fed human grade food, sat within us at the dinner table. In the last 50 years, for convenience sake, we have chosen to feed our dear ones some of the most highly processed and preserved foods on earth. 

As far as I am concerned the feeding of dry processed pellets is an abuse of animal rights and I believe that more animal rights activists should become involved. In fact “Animal Rights Africa” is very outspoken but has a full agenda of other priorities. 

Every dog is scratching. Every dog has a skin condition and EVERY one of them is on dry pellets. That is the reason and you know the solution.