We are so proud to be associated with Pet Insurer, DOGSURE & CATSURE. Here is an insurer who really cares about health and longevity of your pets.

Without mentioning names, if one looks at other Pet Insurance companies and other insurers in general, they are prepared to sell you on anything just to make an extra buck, even to the detriment of your pets health.

DOGSURE/CATSURE is a smaller firm that really cares. Instead of aligning themselves with large commercial pet food and pharmaceutical companies, they prefer to promote a stance on healthy eating, wellness, preservative free, chemical free. In essence, they acknowledge that healthy eating and natural pet care will promote health, wellness and longevity. Healthier clients mean less claims and less claims mean Dogsure can keep their premiums super affordable while offering easy to understand, comprehensive cover.

If you want to read what DOGSURE has to say on the matter visit their Blog, Dry vs. Natural Raw Feeding.

I leave you with what the responsible caring vets are saying worldwide and why they too promote health whole foods:

Dr Gérard Lippert and Bruno Sapy, landmark 5 year study on the life expectancy of domestic dogs showed that: Dogs fed industrial food lived an average 10.4 years. Dogs fed home made food lived an average 13.1 years.

The difference is just over 32 months. That is nearly 3 YEARS LONGER!!!

”Nutrition is serious health business. The public is not well served by exclusively feeding products from companies without any real commitment to health… or knowledge of how to even achieve that. Recent studies have shown processed foods to be a factor in increasing numbers of pets suffering from cancer, arthritis, obesity, dental disease and heart disease”. Dr. Randy Wysong, DVM

“Every time a pet trustingly eats another bowl of high sugar pet food, he is being brought that much closer to diabetes, hypoglycemia, overweight, nervousness, cataracts, allergy and death.” Dr. R.Geoffrey Broderick DVM

“During my thirty years of veterinary practice I have often been upset by the poor condition I see some of my canine patients in due to inferior quality diets that the owner honestly believes to be adequate. In good faith the dog owner assumes that since the dog food label proclaims “complete and balanced”, “premium”, “high protein”, and so on, that their dog will automatically do just great if that’s all it is fed. Because of ambiguous or deceptive labeling of the dog food, the owner unknowingly will feed an inadequate diet. And it may be decades before the FDA requires more strict guidelines for dog food manufacturers to follow so that misleading, ambiguous, and sometimes phony labeling practices no longer confuse or trick the purchaser.” Dr. T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM

“The sad truth is that prepared pet foods help provide patients for vets.”   Dr. Ian Billinghurst, B.V.Sc.(Hons), BSc.Agr., Dip.Ed.

“The results of a clinical trial suggest that 74.7% of common diseases in dogs and 63% of common diseases in cats can be eliminated without medical intervention over a period of one year with proper diet modifications and an understanding of the healing process as exhibited through healing episodes. Approaching disease from the perspective of health is the most powerful means of eliminating disease. Poor fuel makes for little momentum in life. The commercial food we are feeding’ is the disease we are treating – so treat on and on, curing one disease after another, again and again.”Dr. William Pollak, DVM

A growing number of vets state that processed pet food is the main cause of illness and premature death in the modern dog and cat. The British Journal of Small Animal Practice published a paper contending that processed pet food suppresses the immune system and leads to liver, kidney, heart and other diseases. This research, initially conducted by Dr. Tom Lonsdale, was researched further by the Australian Veterinary Association and proven to be correct.” From the British Journal of Small Animal Practice

“The prevalence of cancer and autoimmune related diseases in our pets is directly correlated to the processed foods we are feeding them. We are literally starving them to death of nutrients while stuffing them to the point of obesity with garbage.” Dr. Denise Miller, DVM and author of What’s Wrong With our Pets?