All humans should commit to some sort of welfare contribution, time or money. Be it supporting the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the mentally challenged.

One could even support many types of welfares and there are already some heroic people who do this.

Many welfares require assistance despite help from national government.

In the case of animal welfare, their situation is even worse, with no assistance from government. In fact, Government sees no priority in assisting animal welfare and shelters, despite the crises of neglected and abandoned animals, and the huge burden of responsibility that fall upon these animal welfare NGO’s

Therefore, animal welfare organizations are totally dependent on our generosity for their survival and that of our companion animals.

Then there are businesses, such as my own, that enjoy revenue from ” the pet industry”. Surely, such business should have an obligation in supporting animal welfare.

Business prides itself in being entrepreneurial and perhaps it is time that business extends this skill in support of animal welfare organizations.