Each day I am inundated with pet owners looking for solutions to their pet’s itchy skin and other health issues. I spent most of last night preparing something that is clear and reasonable. It is the best I can do. I can’t argue the point any clearer

The debate is fierce – how best to feed your companion animals. Are you persistent enough to continue feeding dry food? Are you brave enough to feed raw meat diets? Have you faith enough to feed old style home cooked food?

Our stance is very clear – the latest veterinary studies concur that human nutritional science should apply when feeding our pets. In other words what is deemed to be healthy, safe and nutritional for humans must apply for our pets. It is just common sense, nutritional sense and fair. This sense does not differ between breed, age, gender or circumstance. It is common sense, nutritional sense.

Dr. Yesheen Singh says: “I believe that inflammation is the lowest common denominator for most chronic diseases plaguing humans and other mammals today. I think people should pay as much attention to what goes into the bodies of their pet children and their human children!  I think any opportunity to increase the awareness of the role diet plays on the body of both human and pet should be grasped with both hands!”

Therefore, I ask:

  • “does acidity affect inflammation and cause skin allergies and health issues” – YES.
  •  “are dry pellets predominantly refined carbs and classified as very acidic” – YES.
  • “are all pellets preserved in some form and thus acidic” – YES.
  • “is meat considered “extremely acidic” and will a diet consisting mainly of meat have a net acidic outcome” – YES.
  • “is raw meat considered to be potentially dangerous by human nutritionists and to veterinarians” – YES.
  • “knowing that raw meat is potentially dangerous, is it really worth the risk of endangering your own dog” – MOST CERTAINLY NO.

So what is the best and safe option??? “Treat your pets like your children and prepare a meal that is wholesome, balanced, real and safe for the entire family”. Before the invention of dry food, granny and great granny and millions before shared nutritious food from the table with FANTASTIC results. Longevity was higher and sickness was less.

I, personally, deal with hundreds of cases of skin disorders each year. We advise on digestive problems, bladder disorders, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, obesity ALL BECAUSE people have lost their way, have lost their common sense and have been fooled by fad diets and sensational commercial marketing and jargon.

I urge you to apply your minds, read labels and I am sure you will conclude that natural is better than unnatural, that preservative free is better than preserved, that wholesome is better than processed and that moral and safe feeding is preferred over danger and risk.