In Europe, there are plenty of commercially available, healthy vegetarian diets for pets. There is no reason why vegan / vegetarian pet lovers in our country shouldn’t have the same choice. Moreover, vegetarian diets have been incredibly successful in curing many common ailments that we find nowadays like arthritis, bladder disorders, irritable skin and aggression. Remember that vegetable diets are mostly alkaline in nature compared to other acidic diets – SEE TESTIMONIALS BELOW.

Some may argue that a vegan diet for a dog is unnatural in some way, but its important to note that in nature dogs wouldn’t eat anything like what is commonly found nowadays – in a can or in pellet form. Most commercial pet food is made of very questionable meats, not fit for human consumption that would otherwise be thrown away. These foods are filled with preservatives and other additives that, over time, can detriment the health of your pet.

Fortunately, even though many people would assume that a dog couldn’t possibly be fed a 100% vegetarian diet, nothing could be further from the truth!

Unlike an obligate carnivore, a dog is neither dependent on meat-specific protein nor a very high level of protein in order to fulfill its basic dietary requirements. Dogs are able to healthily digest a variety of foods including vegetables and grains, and in fact dogs can consume a large proportion of these in their diet.

One should be very weary of diets fed to our pets that contain copious amounts of raw meat. Just as raw meat can be dangerous to humans, so it can be so for our pets. There are many reputable veterinarians and researchers who warn of the dangers of raw meat.

Still, in preparing a vegan or vegetable diet for your dog, one should adopt scientific procedures and utilize nutritional data to formulate a recipe that is balanced and nutritious.

Herewith some of the ingredients that we feel are paramount to a basic vegan diet for your dog: brown rice, millet, lentils, peas, barley, wheat germ, rolled oats, beetroot, butternut, sweet potato, carrots and a variety of freshly picked herbs and green veggies. To ensure the perfect balance we also supplement with calcium gluconate, zinc gluconate, taurine, yeast, lecithin, kelp, dandelion and vitamin c.

So, not only is it possible to feed dogs a non-meat diet, it can also be very nutritious and balanced.


Just to let you know that I have been feeding my spaniel with the vegan diet since the beginning of Nov 2010 and he has never been so healthy or happy.

Previously, he was diagnosed with bowel disease (NOT IBS!!) at 6 months old and also had bouts of pancreatitis too.  He has been on 20mg to 40 mg of steroids (Cortisone) daily ever since to control the disease. He has also been taking buscopan for tummy cramps and allergex.  He would normally see the vet at least 2 – 3 x a month with severe pain, distended tummy, inflammation of the bowel.  He has been for scopes etc.  I was told by my vet that he would have to take steroids for the rest of his life and that he wouldn’t live past about 8 yrs old.  He said I had to weigh up “Quality vs Quantity” – meaning that the quality of his life would be better with steroids but he wouldn’t live long. Also, due to the high amounts of cortisone, my spaniel (Harley) is extremely overweight and his thyroid function has been depressed – which means that he will struggle to lose weight even on a “diet.”

At the age of 4 1/2, I found the Vegan diet online and changed him to that.  He has never looked back.  No more visits to the vet – only for a vaccination – and the vet was amazed at the change in Harley.  His cortisone dosage is down to 2.5mg per day!!!  No more buscopan or allergex. No more tummy cramps/severe pain and he has not had a single flare up of pancreatitis either. He is a happy, healthy and content dog now and has lost 3 kg’s.

So, thank you very much for this wonderful vegan food.  It is awesome and has changed not only my dog’s life but mine too!


Over the past few years we’ve discovered Vondi’s amazing range of what I like to call Wonder pet food.

Interestingly enough now that I think back at the time we made a decision to move away from a dry pellet food, there we’re several occasions that led us to believe that by changing the diet of our beloved companions to a more nutritious and healthy one, we are going to naturally eradicate many common problems. (Which is what happened J)
In just three weeks we were amazed to see that drastic changes in our two companions once we started feeding just the Vondi’s food … three years later and our companions are just as excited before meals.
Their skin condition is now amazing, their eyes are sparkly, their teeth are spotless, their coats silky soft and shiny, and they have no odour… for the past two years our Vet just wants to know “What is your secret….”
The only good answer we could think of was, “ You are what you eat!”  and this happens to be so true.
All the Best