ImageA leather shoe or rump steak, rich in protein. A metal nail or spinach, rich in iron. Which is more nutritious?

A spectrum of multi-vitamins from the pharmacy or Granny’s Sunday Roast of chicken, sweet potato, veggies and salad. Both are balanced in minerals and vitamins but which is more nutritious?

Unfortunately, and especially in the pet food industry, the only criteria for determining a healthy nutritious meal, is whether it is balanced. Not so long ago that reality hit home when hundreds of our beloved companion animals were sickened and died as a result of the inclusion on melamine in pet food. Melamine, a derivative from coal, shows a high protein content, but in reality, not only is it not nutritious, but it is in fact dangerous.

In this case the pet food was balanced. It had its vitamin and mineral component, it had its balance of fats, moisture and carbohydrates and it had the correct levels of protein. It appeased the governing authorities and yet it was later proven to be dangerous and of poor nutritional value.

Whole nourishment comes from whole natural and enzyme-active foods that are not refined, processed or laden with preservatives or chemicals. The highest quality nourishment can be obtained from organic foods grown on fertile soil and raised without harmful chemicals.

Many food-processing techniques utilize heat as a key parameter to produce pelleted pet food and canned pet food. The effects of heat processing are therefore well documented:

1. Protein structures in the food are altered.

2. Enzymes are effected and depending on the type of enzyme, could be irreversibly denatured with loss of activity

3. There is a loss of 50% of the B vitamins

4. A 70% loss of vitamin c

5. Mineral absorption is disrupted.

Simply stated, minerals, vitamins, protein and hormones cannot function without enzymes being present. Enzymes in turn, cannot function if the cells are too acidic and if exposed to heat, as with most processed pet food.

It is no wonder that many of our companion animals are malnourished and suffer from a wide spectrum of illness. From skin conditions to digestive problems, cancer, diabetes, arthritics conditions, renal complications, heart disease, dental disease and epilepsy.

Back to the original question, where would you prefer to go for lunch? The pharmacy, or granny’s house?